Photo Restoration Guildford GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4 and surrounding areas

Photographic Services

A comprehensive photographic service is provided for business and private clients in Guildford and surrounding areas. Photographs are taken using a Canon full frame camera with lenses ranging from 12mm to 500mm as well macro.

  Photo Services

♦ Editing

♦ Manipulation

♦ Restoration

♦ Scanning


♦ Business and Private

♦ For websites, Marketing etc.

♦ Portraits (people/pets)

♦ Functions and Events




Commissions are taken on for both private and business clients for web sites, marketing etc. Portrait photography (People and pets) is also provided for.

Photographs can be supplied as prints/framed and on CD. Printing services can be arranged if required for Brochures, Leaflets, posters etc.

Fees and any printing costs are arranged prior to the photo shoot and a deposit is required.

Editing and Manipulation

This service is provided for business and private clients for usage such as Marketing, Brochures, Posters, Web sites and Photographic Artists.

Editing, manipulation, joining of various photos or using elements from various photos to create one image.

Colouration, blending and enlargement; photos can be enlarged without pix-elation and edge blurring.

Photo Restoration

This service is for old or worn photo's in need of editing and restoration. Images supplied in can be colour can be restored as colour, B&W or cepia. Black and white or cepia images can be restored as either B&W or cepia.

Images can be supplied as negatives, prints, or on CD.

The cost of restoration depends on the size and condition of the image.

The restored images are supplied to you on CD and/or prints.

Image Scanning

Professional scanning up to 48 bit colour depth. Media types can be 35mm Negatives, 35mm Slides, Large format Negatives 12.5cm x 6cm (Hasselblad) and prints up to A4. Media can be sent via post or email if file size is not over 30mb.

The cost depends on the editing requirements and you will be quoted a price after checking the photos when received. The scanned images are supplied to you on CD and/or prints.